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North Florida Fishing Reports

Angler holdng large black drum he just caught in North Florida

Welcome to North Florida Inshore's Fishing Reports! My goal is to provide you with current, valuable, and useful information based off present conditions in our region. I'll be coordinating with several local guides and some of the top anglers in area to ensure the content presented in these reports give you the edge you need to ensure you next trip is successfull! If you have any questions or need clarification on anything feel free to contact me directly. Captain John

The Fishing Reports

Clean Release

By nflinshore | Oct 3, 2017

As anglers, one of the biggest mistakes we can make while on the water is mishandling a fish we intend to release. Let’s be honest, a blackened redfish sandwich is hard to beat, but what about those fish not destine for the skillet? Here are a few tips to ensure the fish lives to grow.. Read More

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Fishing Blind

By nflinshore | Oct 1, 2017

If you’ve been fishing here in North Florida this weekend, odds are you found some dirty, windblown water.  There are pockets of cleaner water but for the most part we’re experiencing some bad visibility. When water conditions and clarity are less than ideal, these are a few of my tried and true techniques to increase.. Read More

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Go Weedless With Soft Baits!

By nflinshore | Sep 6, 2017

Ever watched a BASS tournament and wondered why the pros always have 100+ rods on the front deck of boat with 1,000 tackle trays slam full of different baits? (I might have estimated) Each rod combo is designed for specific task and is a exact tool in their arsenal.  There are many different tools we.. Read More

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August 21-27 Report

By nflinshore | Aug 29, 2017

Welcome to North Florida Inshore reports!  These are my observations and suggestions following the week on the water.  Feel free to contact me with any questions! With storms surrounding the state on both sides, we were fortunate to have a few days of good fishing with next to no rain or storms.  The clouds and.. Read More

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